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Introducing Demola Campus Iberus

Demola -Campus Iberus is a node of the International Demola Open Innovation Platform in which students from the four universities of the Campus Iberus gather together as part of a multidisciplinary team (student- company) to address challenges set by companies and other organizations upon the base of a innovative co-creation process. Universities, companies and institutions work together to bring students closer to the real business world and to facilitate innovation in the territory.

Campus Iberus is a strategic partnership between the University of Zaragoza, the Public University of Navarra, the University of Lleida and the University of La Rioja. As a dependent aggregation structure of the individual universities which compose this alliance, Campus Iberus activity is driven by its strategic plan which focuses on large-scale joint actions oriented to deliver high added value results and to have an impact on the territory in terms of development and growth.

Campus Iberus' strategy is based on the definition and implementation of aggregation, specialization and internationalization activities around three major working areas:

  • Improvement of teaching and learning and adaptation of the education system to the European Higher Education Area
  • Improvement of scientific and technological transfer
  • Contribution to a new model for socio-economic development and interaction with the regional ecosystems

Campus Iberus aims at delivering high quality education, in cooperation with the business sector, in order to contribute to addressing major knowledge challenges and to respond to the needs of society. Particularly, Campus Iberus aims to:

  • Contributing to a solid education and training of students by complementing their theoretical learning with practical skills.
  • Facilitating the most suitable knowledge, learning methodologies and skills to the real working environment where students are keen to develop their professional career
  • Fostering the development of technical, methodological and social skills applicable to a real working environment
  • Gaining practical experience in order to facilitate access to the labour market and improving future employability prospects.
  • Encouraging the development of creativity and innovation values and boosting an entrepreneurial spirit


Demola Campus Iberus

Pza. Basilio Paraíso,
4 Paraninfo,
50005 Zaragoza



Andrés Martín

+34 876 554 761

Jorge Molina-Martinez

International Liaison Officer

Oscar López

Head of Demola Campus Iberus

Rafa Continente

+34 616 225 090

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